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LED Industry Trends In The Future You Know How Much?

Every year there are always meetings of various sizes like the trend, there are a variety of research report released.

To the reference data of the objective, or even personal experience of  subjective, a segment of the field and even the whole industry to  predict the future, and sometimes feel like "fortune telling" the same  (of course this is more scientific, to system); Unknown world speculated that the development process of the factors  that contain force majeure, we should allow it to be biased.

Therefore, Xiaobian said, the following LED industry trends for the  grasp of the Ali and insights, are individuals or institutions, "one of  the words" is expected and the actual event may eventually be some  access, the right to understand and reference.

China 's LED lighting industry in 2016 development trend.

In Europe and the United States market, high efficiency is already  acceptable, and become a lot of buyers favor one of the options. High  efficiency led to create a LED lighting, lighting systems, but also the  overall efficiency of 150lm / W specifications, fully meet and exceed  the latest DLC specifications V4.0 130lm / W ~ 140lm / W high efficiency  requirements. This will be in effect in 2017 will be the provisions of the future  will help the LED lighting market in the United States to expand.

As the efficiency of outdoor lighting technology and cost reduction,  business and government investment upgrades to reduce operating costs  and reduce carbon emissions. Many outdoor systems now rely on basic controls such as night dimming and automatic shutdown. The use of LED technology can reduce costs, improve efficiency and quality. According  to the report, the outdoor lighting control market, including motion  sensors, photovoltaic cells, intelligent control and control software,  is expected to grow from $ 492 million in 2016 to $ 1.3 billion in 2025.


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